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High-Speed Pizza Delivery: A Jack Phelps Production

A Jack Phelps Production

Jack Phelps
9 January 1982
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My name is Jack Phelps. I run an educational software company called ChitChat. I like to ride my bike, tinker with my bike, sit on grass, read on grass, play chess on grass, play chess in coffee shops, read in coffee shops, write in coffee shops, talk to girls in coffee shops, talk to girls on the T L train, ride the T subway, ride public transportation in general, think about public transportation, philosophize about public transportation, philosophize about technology, write about technology, philosophize about intellectual property, write about intellectual property, write about philosophy, write about girls in coffee shops, be creative, work on creative projects, think of creative projects but not have time to work on them, think of ways to gain more time to work on creative projects, think about the harm that would undoubtedly come if I quit my job moved to NY and attempted to live as a starving artist working on creative projects, hang out with friends, hang out with myself, go to movies with friends, go to movies by myself, spend too much time on the internet, and more. Oh so much more.

Technology just may save the future.
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